VOICE MALE: The Untold Story of the Profeminist Men’s Movement – Edited by Rob A Okun

Published in 2014 - Reviewed by:  George Marx, June 2, 2014

Rob Okun has done an amazing job choosing writings he previously has published in Voice Male Magazine over the past 20+ years for this book.   It is particularly helpful that the book is separated into meaningful sections such as: Male Survivors, Fathering and Overcoming Violence.  Men particularly can easily read a variety of perspectives on important areas of concern to those who are open to a feminist perspective.   Perhaps a few other men’s minds will open up and take in many of the insights of writers in this anthology of writings.

In reading this book a variety of emotions came up for me.    It was easy to feel some of the hopefulness, sadness, pain and anger of its writers.   While there were a few writings that didn’t seem excellent, so many others seemed so good that the others didn’t matter.

It is difficult for me to find areas to criticize about this book!    I wonder if perhaps some younger men may find the book dated and not highly relevant to them, though certainly parts of the book will be helpful for them.    Otherwise, I can only hypothesize that the “politically correct” nature of some authors may not appeal to some, though I found the variety of perspectives quite obvious.

This book is a book that I will want to keep, as I trim my quantity of books I keep over the years.  It is that good!   Rob Okun is to be commended for the wonderful job that he has done.

(I must confess that I have a writing published in the book, though it seems small in comparison to many of the other writings in this 400+ page book.)

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