Theta Chi Gang Rape 1962

THETA CHI GANG RAPE 1962  - by: George Marx 

Theta Chi gang rape 1962

(Name of Accused) committed three premeditated acts of sexual violence — several counts of Conspiracy, Fraud, Rape, Sodomy, False Imprisonment, Drugging Women w/o their knowledge, and Severe Personal Injury.  An extraordinarily violent gang rape was committed in 1962 by several members of Theta Chi fraternity.    The victim was only 21 however, the most damaging effects occurred when she hid the secret from “herself” for nearly a lifetime.”

Several years ago I added the above entry to the “Rape/Sexual Assault” section of A Men’s Project (AMP) with the actual stated name of  “the Accused” listed.   The paragraph’s wording was copied and pasted from the Theta Chi blog site (as AMP entries are normally posted).

After the entry was posted, I had brief email correspondence with the owner of the “Theta Chi” site, including emailing her and another woman who had a site inspired by the rape of her daughter (at her college), allowing them to communicate with each other.

On December 9, 2013 I received an email from an attorney requesting that pursuant to a Consent Decree (court decision) I remove the aforementioned AMP website entry.  The attorney represented at least one of the five men who had sued the “Theta Chi” site owner for libel.   

I determined that in fact the former “Theta Chi” site no longer existed.  I deleted the related AMP website entry.  I sent a brief email to the attorney stating: “The "Theta Chi" website entry has been removed from A Men's Project because it references a website which no longer exists.”

The attorney’s email included copies of the Court Complaint and the Consent Decree.   His email stated that the defendant had removed the blog and additional web based materials from the internet pursuant to the Decree.
I have copied several things from the Decree (below).    A Conclusion of The Court states: 
“3. Defendant shall not instruct others, nor provide anyone else with information so that they can broadcast, espouse or convey any information through any digital, physical or other means which mentions any illegal interaction alleged to have taken place between Defendant and any/or all of the Plaintiffs.”

The defendant has not asked me to write this blog entry or done anything otherwise faintly related to the quoted statement above.   All my relevant recent knowledge of this case has come from the attorney opposing the defendant, not from the defendant.

Finding of Fact Number Nine disturbed me.   It stated:

“Defendant (name stated here) consents to this Order because she does not have the funds to engage in protracted litigation, but does not, by so consenting, acknowledge any wrongdoing or malfeasance on her part.” 

I remember some details of the former “Theta Chi” blog entry.   It spoke of the author going to a party at the Theta Chi fraternity house in 1962.   I believe that she stated that something was put in a drink that she drank and she then became aware of being assaulted by multiple members of the fraternity house.   

The blog entry indicated that the woman repressed and/or was then otherwise not aware of the assault thereafter until decades later when her memories of it came back to her consciousness.   She noted that the assault had caused her severe mental health problems over a long period of time.

The blog’s author named the man who she said had organized her rape.    She made it clear that there had been no success in her efforts to get acknowledgement of the wrongs done to her by the man/men she accused of raping her.

I, of course, have no way of knowing what actually happened in1962.   I have never met anyone connected with this case.   I must decide for myself who, if anyone, I should believe.

Certainly, it is possible that the five men who sued this woman were falsely accused by her.

While this is certainly possible, it seems unlikely to me.

I believe that someone would need to have been very badly hurt to do all that this woman has  done in trying to confront her alleged assailants.   I can not imagine being close to 70 years old and focusing intensely over multiple years upon something as traumatic as an alleged gang rape at age 21.

I see five men trying to silence one woman.   I see them succeeding with their lawsuit against her.    I wish the things could be resolved openly and directly, however as is often the case with what I would call “power” or “exploitation” issues, this clearly isn’t possible here.

It is important to me that the girls, boys, men and women who are victimized by others not be silenced.   As I write today, a famous football player has just been given a major award, with the legal authorities declining to pursue a rape allegation against him.

I am responsible for allowing, in a small way, for this issue to not be hidden.   Hopefully justice will be served!

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