Review - There Are No Children Here

by: George Marx

Alex Kotlowitz’s 1991 popular:  “The Story of Two Boys Growing up in the Other America” – as its subtitle reads, is an incredible story of two Black boys growing up in the Henry Horner Projects, a horrible Chicago public housing complex, which was torn down in recent years.    Though this book is not about “masculinity” per se, it is highly relevant for middle class men to read if they wish to try to understand how life can be for others (including boys and men) who don’t have privilege.  

After finishing reading the book, I googled its two main characters.   That was sobering!   I can only (distantly) imagine “reality” as described in this book, particularly given the clear fact that Kotlowitz has tried to help Pharoah and Lafeyette.   Most – don’t have such support.   I find this very sad!  

I’m not saying more – not wanting to spoil things for anyone who may read this excellent book.

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