I try to Imagine

PLEASE Read This! (first)

I try to imagine
As a Man
a comparable experience I might ever face
or have faced in my life
Because I am Male
or simply occurring to me sometime in my life - being male

I have been held up twice at Gunpoint
Scary - yes
Once - with others - male and female
Once - alone

After such assaults
I was scared
but it gradually went away
over time

I can imagine similar images
to what I read - above
...... but
They are limited to survivors
of assault - survivors of childhood sexual abuse,
rape, domestic violence

Yes - Men are such survivors
.... but
Not Only are many more women -
as UnWinona describes

.... but
The Assailants
are Much more likely to be
Men - Men like me (and you - if you're male)

How can we understand?
Until/Unless - we've been victimized
   and Learned - to Care

Our Silence
allows Many, Many, Many -
mostly Girls and Women
to Understand so easily

While We Men - can not Fully Understand!

I'm Sorry - but being Sorry Isn't Enough

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