Jerry Sandusky - Convicted on 45 Counts-

I am relieved that Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts - related to his abuse of young men around Penn State University.   To say I am "happy" would not be accurate.

Jerry Sandusky appears to be a despicable man who is not strong enough or "well enough" to acknowledge that he has done horrible things to many young men over many years.   I am relieved that he will be imprisoned and not escape responsibility for his horrific actions and his denials that they occurred.

I wonder - how similar men are treated - who exploit teenage girls - and then are "caught".   Homophobia -obviously - helped trap Sandusky in his lies and deceptions.

I am sad for the many men and boys who are victimized - and who can not see their abuser similarly brought to justice.   I am sad for the far more numerous women and girls who are similarly victimized.

I hope, perhaps naively, that this "scandal" - will lead to significant positive change for boys, girls, women and men!


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