Victimization - Connecting the Issues Together

"Outside on the street, a group of marines were assaulting two men who appeared to be gay.   Shouts of 'stop the bus' and 'open the doors' rang out from some members of the band.  ...  When they exited the bus and joined the fray, however, his members pulled the marines off their victims and sent them away...   (note then Johnny Otis questioned his band members) 'But second of all, I've got to know why you did it.  I've never seen any of you care care at all about what happens to people like that.'   There was a moment of silence on the bus as the musicians contemplated what they had done.  Then one stood up and spoke out.  'You don't understand, Johnny,' he said, pointing to the Black skin on his arm, 'that's what they do to us.'  For one moment, at least , the fact of victimization had become more important to them than the identity of the victim"
- pages 104-5 - Midnight at the Barrelhouse: The Johnny Otis Story - George Lipsitz, University of Minnesota Press, 2010 -

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