Philosophy - some Depth

A number of core beliefs are important to A Men's Project:

1.) We men and boys need to realize that we have serious issues that relate to our being boys and men,
2.) We men and boys need to get much more deeply involved in helping ourselves and other men and boys,
3.) We men need to understand that our issues are issues within ourselves that have both no outside  general culprit such as "women", while individually we may have been been seriously hurt and even victimized/abused by our fathers, mothers or others,
4.) We men need to understand and work seriously on issues related to how stereotyped "masculinity" often teaches us to act in dysfunctional ways including:
   a.  Keeping our feelings largely within ourselves and only expressing them through anger and in some cases violence directed at others,
   b. Not reaching out to others beyond seeking most, if not all, of our emotional support from women we may be in primary relationships with (if we are heterosexual),
   c.  Not significantly supporting the efforts of others who may seem different to us (by gender, race, sexual orientation, age, etc.)

We live in a world which has traditionally favored:

1.) Men over women, as well as
2.) White people over People of Color,
3.) People with wealth over poorer people and
4.) Heterosexual people over bisexual, gay/lesbian and transgender people.

We believe in the necessity of men and boys working for positive change to help build a better world for all!

We hope that A Men's Project will help men and boys (as well as women and girls) to:

1.) Find resources which will help them in dealing with important issues that greatly affect men and boys,
2.) Encourage the networking and mutual support of men and boys in doing their work in North America (while we have resources from outside of North America we can not successfully cover a larger geographical area),
3.) Help make it possible for individuals to help form new groups and projects in North America which will help men and boys as well as:
4.) Helping the organizational efforts of others attempting to organize regionally, nationally, for North America as a whole and  for larger areas that include North America.
We do Not support efforts which  seek to blame:

1.) Women and girls - significantly - as the major cause of our problems as men and boys,
2.) People of Color including Blacks, Latinos, and Asian-Americans as well as Whites as a major cause of our problems as men and boys,
3.) Gays, Lesbians and Transgender People as well as Heterosexuals as a major cause of our problems as men and boys,
* 4.) Men and boys as the major cause of our problems.   We distinguish between issues relating to "masculinity" including how we are socialized to "be a man" from our being "male" as being most important in our focus.

We recognize the important work done by many others!    We have been strongly influenced by how the modern feminist movement of the past 40+ years has helped women and girls grow out of stereotyped roles of femininity.   We have been strongly influenced by other "liberation movements" including how the Civil Rights Movement of the mid 20th Century helped Black People and helped spawn other liberation movements.   We have been strongly influenced by the Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Movements of recent decades.

We hope that far, far, far more men will recognize how we are hurting as men and boys in various ways.  We want to work positively for change that will Not pit men and boys against others, but help build a more positive masculinity.   We want our efforts to help us:

1.) End violence directed at other men, women, girls and boys,
2.) Be better fathers, grandfathers and allies of other men and boys (as well as supportive allies of women and girls),
3.) Live longer, more healthy lives as well as
4.) Be more inclusive with others who may seem (or feel that they are) different from us in various areas including by race/ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, class, differently abled status, age, etc.


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