A MEN’S PROJECT (AMP) has links related to Men and Boys in North America seeking a just world where we:
1. No longer are hurting women and girls, as well as other men and boys,
2. Support and nurture children as parents, grandparents, allies and friends,
3. Try to take better care of our own physical and mental health, and
4. Help and encourage others who may be or feel “different” including by:
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • Other Areas
We hope that the links listed on this website will encourage the:
  • Formation of new groups and projects,
  • Networking amongst existing groups and projects,  as well as the
  • Appreciation of the efforts that we all make
We, as men, want to learn and grow more effectively.   Through such growth we can help build a more just, life-affirming world, free of violence and hatred.
This website attempts to be inclusive.  A wise message we appreciate states:
“This site is a public resource for anyone – women, men and young people – committed to gender justice and ending violence  against women.   …   Engaging boys and men is a strategy that is central to the content of this site, but it is not an end. The goals are gender equality, peace and justice.” (  )
A Men’s Project is totally independent, not directly affiliated with any other organization (including others using the words: “Men’s Project”).
The INCLUSION of web links within AMP is NOT an endorsement of their message!
Users are encouraged to critically evaluate what they find here.
Feedback is always welcome including:  web links to be added, updates (on existing listings), corrections of broken links, fixing grammatical/text errors or other suggestions/comments.    The founder of this site would also welcome anyone wishing to join the effort to build and maintain this website.
To:  give feedback,  comment, or  offer information,  please email:
info     (AT)     ( replace: “AT” with @ )
We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!

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